Commemorating the Birth of the Yellow Emperor Ceremony

Commemorating the birth of the Yellow Emperor Ceremony has been successfully conducted on 15 April at the Leighton Hall in the University of New South Wales in Sydney. The Ceremony, organised by the Australia Chinese Ayers Association, were strongly supported by over fifty Chinese associations.

Numbers of overseas Chinese and local government officers attended the Ceremony. Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Albert sent a letter of congratulations. New South Wales Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Marco Curry represented the governor of New South Wales attending the Ceremony. Barrameda City Councillor Mr Han Yiwen represented the opposition party of NSW. Leader Luke Foley took the stage to express his congratulations. Tony Fossella, Deputy Mayor of the Canadian Bay City, Tony Malone, former Mayor of Benwood City and Stanfield, and Chen Shuang, Director of the Sydney China Cultural Center attended the event.

After the performance of lion dancing, Australia’s leading overseas Chinese Zhou Guangming, the winner of the Australian Cultural Outstanding Contribution Award Huang Qinghui, former NSW Deputy Parliamentary Speaker He Shenhuixia, the president of the China International Culture Exchange Centre Wang Jian, the chairman of the Australia Chinese Ayers Association Zhang Guifang, the executive chairman of Australia Chinese Ayers Association Mao Xiaorong, former Mayor of the City of Auburn City Lin Lihua, member of the George River City Councillor Liu Naxin and the executive vice president and secretary of the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China Li Weiguo presented the flower basket in sequence.

During the ceremony, the city councillor Zhu Jiayuan, city councillor Huang Kun, city councillor Zhou Shuo, and the director of the ANZ New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union Wei Zuliang, the chairman of the Australia’s Chinese Restaurant Association Ju Zhengfu, the chairman of the Australian Teochew Youth Business Association Qiu Xin and other Australian Chinese representatives separately presented grains and silkworms to express their gratitude to the ancestors.


Commemorating the birth of the Yellow Emperor Ceremony tightly united most overseas Chinese. It has enhanced the self-confidence and influence of Australian Chinese, effectively promoted the development of Chinese culture in Australia and the exchanges between the Australian and Chinese people, contributed to the common prosperity and strength of Australia and China.


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